Amazing Walking Stabilizer for Parkinson’s Patients

Accredited is now working with In-Step Mobility Products to offer the U-Step Walking Stabilizer in Southern California. We are currently the only retail store to have this product in stock. The U-Step Walker is specifically made for Parkinsonians to Help with Stability, Safety, and to Overcome Freezing. The U-Step Walker has a LaserLight solution that serves as a visual cue to help break the freezing episode. Last month, at Accredited’s Annual Flu Shot event, a gentleman with Parkinson’s tried the U-Step Walker. Before, he could hardly walk. With U-Step, he was buzzing around the showroom and ambulating with greater ease than ever before. A remarkable product and it may be covered by Medicare. To learn more about U-Step, visit or call 800-974-1234 x551.

In-Home Caregivers

In-Home Care Givers




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