About Home Care and the California Association for Health Services at Home


The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) is the leading statewide home care and hospice association in the nation and the voice of home care and hospice for California and the western United States.  CAHSAH represents more than 537 members and 850 offices that are direct providers of health and supportive services and products in the home.  CAHSAH’s guiding core purpose is to promote quality home care and hospice and enhance the effectiveness of its members.


What is Home Care


Home care agencies provide quality, cost-effective care to individuals in the privacy of their homes.  Many home care agencies provide a full spectrum of services, ranging from high-tech nursing to non-medical assistance with the activities of daily living.  Home care services allow patients to shorten the length of their stay in a facility or to avoid institutionalization altogether.


  • Home care and hospice is a major industry in California that continues to grow.  Millions of Californians receive services each year from the many home health agencies, hospices and non-medical home care agencies throughout the state.
  • About 70 percent of home care users are age 75 or older and more than half of all users are women.
  • Nationally, from 1999 to 2010, home care employment grew an average of 6.2 percent annually and is expected to increase by 50 percent or more by 2018.


The Need for Home Care Will Only Increase


As the population ages and individuals are living longer than ever before, affordable care options are increasingly needed, and becoming more in demand.  Recent studies by the California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) and MetLife clearly show the realities of California’s aging population, and the toll caring for this population takes on a family’s finances.  The full CHCF report can be viewed at http://www.chcf.org/~/media/MEDIA%20LIBRARY%20Files/PDF/L/PDF%20LTCFactsFigures09.pdf and the MetLife report can be viewed at http://www.metlife.com/assets/cao/mmi/publications/studies/2011/mmi-caregiving-costs-working-caregivers.pdf


  • According to CHCF, the number of Californians age 65 and older is likely to more than triple between the years of 2000 and 2050, with the group age 85 and older experiencing the largest increase.  This population is the most likely to need extended care at home or in nursing homes.
  • CHCF also reports that the use of personal care services in California grew 33.6 percent from 2003 to 2007, surpassing nursing home admissions to become the most used long-term care service in California.
  • According to a recent MetLife study, the proportion of adult children providing personal care and/or financial assistance to a parent has more than tripled over the past 15 years.  Currently, a quarter of adult children provide these types of care to a parent.
  • When an adult child leaves a job to care for a parent, the total estimated aggregate lost wages, pension, and Social Security benefits of these caregivers of parents is nearly $3 trillion.  The cost impact of caregiving on the caregiver is over $250,000 in lost wages and benefits.

In-Home Caregivers

In-Home Care Givers




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