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Tax breaks for long-term care insurance premiums

First things first – everyone in America should have a Long Term Care Insurance Policy! LTC is a necessity and needs to be part of everyone’s Financial Planning Process for the Future. Unfortunately, Medicare and Private Insurance will not cover the cost of in-home care. Yet, this care is vital to maintaining quality of life… Continue Reading

The Cost of Senior Care for Employers and Employees

It has been well-documented that caring for an Older Relative causes economic distress to Employers & Employees alike. Employers have seen a $13.4 Billion increase in health care costs associated with employees that provide care to a older relative. Additionally, the Employer is double-dipped as productivity is lessen. For the Employee, absences can result in… Continue Reading

Medicare Benefits for Homecare

One of the most common questions asked by potential in-home care clients is ‘Will Medicare pay for my caregiver?’ Sadly, the answer is NO. This is alarming as many seniors are not properly prepared for the expense to assist with their daily needs and keep them safe/independent in the comfort of their own home. Although… Continue Reading

Caregiver Services Benefit More Than Just the Patient

There is a cardinal rule in the healthcare and social service world – If you aren’t taking care of yourself, then you aren’t really able to take great care of someone else. The family member who serves as the caregiver often puts their loved one’s needs above their own. This doesn’t just happen for a… Continue Reading

Aging and Technology Products for the Future

Accredited is on the cutting edge of introducing Aging & Technology Products and Services to the public. Although not yet part of the mainstream solution for enhancing an older adult’s safety and quality of life at home, Accredited recognizes its role in taking the first steps to educate the community. For the family members and… Continue Reading

In-Home Caregivers

In-Home Care Givers




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